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Welcome to the worlds first activated Liquid Collagen,

Collating some key points of difference for our collagen that we can have on boards to send with the comparison chart…

Anything you’d add to the list?

Points of difference on Collagen

◦ Activates your bodies own collagen production verses taking a collagen supplement

◦ Slows down the degradation of collagen therefore helping maintain the stores made

◦ Hydrolysed Liquid collagen 90% absorbable compared to powder which is 10-30% absorption • Highly bioavailable

◦ You would have to take 9serves of a collagen powder to get the same absorption rate as hyrolysed liquid

◦ Has 10 different types of collagen peptides as opposed to most only having 1-2 types

◦ Uses marine collagen which is more absorbable than bovine and chicken due to the protein pieces being smaller

◦ Has scientific studies behind the product • Studies show collagen increases by 42% in 8 wks

◦ 5 grams marine collagen - potent formula

◦ Includes Citrus Berry Extracts that help with absorption and maintaining collagen production

◦ Key ingredient - Ruby Red quinoa extract that activates our bodies own collagen production

◦ Marine collagen from sustainable and ethical wild caught fish

◦ Scores 0 rating on the think dirty app - super clean formula

◦ No additives, no nasty preservatives, gmo free

◦ No artificial flavours or colours used

◦ 50ml serving ◦ Dairy free, GF and Soy free

◦ Portable and easy to take on the go

◦ Recycle glass bottle - environmentally friendly

◦ 24month shelf life

◦ Each raw material in TrueScience Liquid Collagen is tested according to specifications, including chemical analysis, impurities, and microbiology, and inspected multiple times during production

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